André Lichtenberg was born in Porto Alegre, Brazil in 1964 and is currently based in the UK. André's practice is informed by an intuitive and experimental approach to image making. His large scale constructed artworks explore the complex relationship between humans and the environment while simultaneously reflecting back into his own childhood memories. His work has been exhibited in museums and private galleries worldwide, including the Barbican Centre London in 1998, Centre Pompidou/IRCAM, Paris in 2015/16 and Fabrica, Brighton in 2018. His artworks are represented in numerous international art collections including a recent acquisition by the prestigious Joseph Cohen Family Collection in NY.


  • MA, Photographic Studies, University of Westminster, London 1996 / 1998
  • BSC (first class), Photographic & Electronic Imaging Science, University of Westminster, London 1991 / 1994
  • BSC Civil Engineering, PUCRS, Porto Alegre, Brazil, 1984 / 1986


  • Life Framer, Night Life, honorary mention by Marion Tande of MoMA, New York, 2019
  • Life Framer, Urban Stories, honorary mention by Ron Haviv, VII Agency, New York, 2019
  • Aesthetica Art Prize, Untitled 2, Dream series, Book & Exhibitor, UK, 2018
  • Arts Council England, Grant for the Arts, Within Series, NYC / London, 2014
  • Aesthetica Art Prize, Fenchurch, Within series, Book & Exhibitor, UK, 2014
  • Arts Council England, Grant for the Arts, Within Series,London / Paris, 2013
  • Arles, Photography Open Salon, Vertigo series, exhibitior, Arles, France, 2012 
  • Terry O’neill Award, Licht series, shortlisted, UK, 2011 
  • Renaissance Photography Prize, Vertigo series, Highly commended, UK, 2011 
  • Renaissance Photography Prize, Licht series, catalogue & exhibition, UK, 2011 
  • Aesthetica Creative Works Annual, Neon Blue, Vertigo series, Book, UK, 2011 
  • AOP Photographers Awards, Wish series, Non-Commissioned Environment Series, UK, 2010 
  • International Color Awards, 4th Photography Masters Cup,  Aerial, LA USA, 2010 
  • International Color Awards, 3rd Photography Masters Cup, Architecture, LA USA, 2009 
  • AOP Photographers Awards, Vertigo series, Contemporary Cityscapes series, London, 2009
  • IPG/Terry O’neill Award, Full Moon Pantanal, finalist, UK, 2007
  • Travel Photographer of The Year, TPOTY, Northeast series, Winner, Wild category, 2006 
  • The Independent / First Direct B/W Award, Barbican Centre, exhibitor, London 1998 
  • Travel Photographer of The Year", TNT mag, London, 1996


  • Galeria Bolsa de Arte, WITHIN SERIES, Porto Alegre, Brazil, June / July 2015


  • Holden Luntz Gallery, Environment Diversity: The World Through a Lens, Palm Beach, USA. Aug / Sep 2020
  • Fundacao Ibere Camargo, Leilao Virtual, Porto Alegre, Brazil, Aug / Sep 2020
  • Holden Luntz Gallery, Architecture: Places Transformed Through Time, Palm Beach, USA. Jan / February 2020
  • Galeria Bolsa de Arte, Exposicao de Acervo, Sao Paulo. Dec  2019
  • Galeria Bolsa de Arte, SP-arte/foto, Sao Paulo. October  2019
  • Holden Luntz Gallery, Big, Bold & Beautiful, "Impossible Utopia", Palm Beach, USA. March / April 2019
  • JL Modern Gallery, SEEING SPACES, Palm Beach, USA, Nov 2018 / Dec 2018
  • FABRICA, In Between Gallery, Vertigo Series, Brighton UK, June 2018
  • York Art Gallery, Aesthetica Art Prize 2018, Dream Series, York, UK, May / June 2018
  • Holden Luntz Gallery, Constructed Space (Three artist exhibition), Palm Beach, USA, Feb 2018
  • Galeria Bolsa de Arte Gallery, Elogiamos a casa que se abre a perder de vista, group show, Sao Paulo, Dec 2017 / Jan 2018 
  • Holden Luntz Gallery, Realism to Abstraction, Group show, Palm Beach, USA, May 2017
  • Holden Luntz Gallery, Nightfall (three artist exhibition), Palm Beach, USA, Dec 2017 / Jan 2017
  • Bolsa de Arte Gallery, SP-ARTE, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2016
  • Bolsa de Arte Gallery, Summer show, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2016
  • LCCA, Time & Place (Two artist exhibition), London, April 2015
  • Southampton University, Time & Place (two artist exhibtion), Southampton, Feb/Mar 2015
  • Bolsa de Arte Gallery, SP-arte/foto, Sao Paulo  2014
  • York St Mary Gallery, Aesthetica Arts Prize, York, UK, May 2014
  • Bolsa de Arte Gallery, SP-ARTE, Sao Paulo, Brazil 2014
  • Bolsa de Arte Gallery, ART Dubai,  UEA, Dubai, 2014
  • Bolsa de Arte Gallery, Ao Sul Paisagens, Porto Alegre, Brazil 2013
  • Bolsa de Arte Gallery, SP-ARTE, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2013
  • Huit Gallery, Photography Open Salon, Malaysia, 2013
  • Bolsa de Arte Gallery, Art Miami, Florida, USA 2013
  • Flaere Gallery, AAF Singapore, Singapore, 2012
  • Galerie Sophhie Maree, AAF Amsterdam, Holland, 2012
  • Huit Gallery Arles, Photography Open Salon, Arles, France, 2012 
  • Flaere Gallery, Spring Medley, London, May 2012
  • Sophie Maree Gallery, ArtAntique, Holland, 2012 
  • Flaere Gallery, AAF Battersea, London, 2011
  • Flaere Gallery, Chic Art Fair, Paris, 2011
  • Flaere Gallery, MADRID Photo, Madrid, 2011
  • HOUSE Open exhibition, Regency Town House, Brighton, 2011
  • Renaissance Photo Prize, Mall Galleries. London, 2011
  • Flaere Gallery, You Are Here, 3 artist exhibtion, London. Oct / Nov 2010
  • The AOP Gallery, The Photographers Awards, London, 2010
  • Brighton Photo Fringe Open, From Here,  Brighton Oct / Nov 2009
  • The AOP Gallery, The Photographers Awards, London, 2009
  • The AOP Gallery, Red Dot Exhibition, London, Nov 2008 
  • Focus on Imaging, Travel Photographer of the Year, Birmingham, 2007
  • The AOP Gallery,  02 Exhibition, London 2002
  • The AOP Gallery, Exhibition 99, London, Nov 2000 
  • Barbican Centre, Independent on Sunday exhibition, London, June / July 1998
  • Museum da Republica, One Minute Film Fest. Rio de Janeiro, Oct 1997
  • Centro Cutural Sao Paulo, One Minute Film Festival, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 1997
  • Photographers Gallery, I wish, I Wish exhibition, London, Dec 1996


  • Future Now: Aesthetica Art Prize, Dream Series, UK 2018 
  • Pompidou / IRCAM, Season 15/16 catalogue,  Paris, 2015 / 2016
  • Aesthetica Art Prize Anthology 2014, Within Series, UK, 2014
  • Le Monde magazine special, Within series, Paris, France, 2012
  • Sunday Times magazine, Within, MI6, London, 2012
  • Renaissance Photography Prize, exhibition catalogue, Vertigo series, UK, 2011
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  • Aesthetica Creative Works, Vertigo series, UK, 2011
  • AOP Awards, Wish series, London, UK, 2010
  • AOP Awards, Vertigo series, London, UK, 2009


  • The Joseph Cohen Family collection, New York
  • Goodwin Law, London
  • Brighton & Sussex University Hospitals NHS TRUST, UK


  • FABRICA Centre For Contemporary Art, In Between Gallery, Vertigo series, June 2018, Brighton, UK 
  • Centre Pompidou / IRCAM, Season 2015-16, Paris, France
  • Le Monde magazine, Within Series, "This is London Special', Paris, France
  • Sunday Times magazine, MI6 - Within Series, London, UK


  • Holden Luntz Gallery, Palm Beach, USA
  • Galeria Bolsa de Arte, Sao Paulo & POA, Brazil