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Coming soon... art photography book project

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I have just received a very exciting email from a Manhattan publisher with the news that one of my images of the Brooklyn Bridge will be published in a new large format hardcover art photography book to be released in 2018. The best part of the email is pasted here: "included will be artists well established (Mitch Epstein, Joel Meyorowitz, Vera Lutter, Joel Sternfeld, Vik Muniz, Thomas Roma, Abelardo Morell)"… that's my work in amazing company! I feel honored and humble. I'll give more updates as the project evolves. The image here is the Flatiron building, 2014.



Museum Show and the Cohen Family Collection in NY

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Amazing news for the Within Series. The artwork, Paris, Eiffel Tower, La Defense, 154 x 100 cm. ed 2/8 was recently exhibited in a museum show at the Palm Beach Photography Center, Florida, curated by Ray Merritt. The Parisian artwork was later acquired by the prestigious Cohen Family Collection in NY. I feel humble, proud and happy beyond words with this news. Paris, Eiffel Tower, La Defense is now in the best company of artworks as I can imagine. The art collection includes pieces by: Picasso, Matisse, Roy Lichtenstein, Man Ray, Sugimoto and Richard Learoyd just to name a few. Below is a photograph of artwork plus a small detail of the image. Thanks to Holden Luntz Gallery for introducing my work to their american collectors. 


Realism to Abstraction at Holden Luntz Gallery

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"Realism to Abstraction: Changing Focus in Contemporary Photography is a survey of photography from its inception to its contemporary place within art. The historical context of early photographs gives them verisimilitude, while more contemporary imagery embodies a sense of mystery". Holden Luntz Gallery.

The beautifully curated exhibition, covering more than a century of photographic history, incorporates the work from classic artists such as Cartier-Bresson and Berenice Abbott to contemporary practitioners pushing the boundaries of the medium. 

Realism to Abstraction is open from March 25th to May 27th at the Palm Beach gallery.



New permanent collection at the City of London

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Four pieces from my vertigo series (2008) are now part of a new permanent collection at Goodwin Law’s new HQ in the City of London.
I had the pleasure of visiting Goodwin’s new premises just after the installation and seeing all the artworks in their new home. The art collection has been beautifully curated by the UK based art consultant Celia Wickham, where she has incorporated paintings, illustration and contemporary photography bound together by a neutrally themed colour pallet.
Below is an installation image showing a selection from the Vertigo Series.


Nightfall at Holden Luntz Gallery, Palm Beach

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Great news from Florida! I am very happy to announce that several artworks from my recent projects: Licht and Within Series are being exhibited at famous Holden Luntz Gallery. Palm Beach, this Xmas in a show called "Nightfall: Silence of Space". The exhibition is open from the 10th Dec 2016 to the 7th January 2017. The official press release says: "Nightfall is an exploration by three contemporary photographers into the expressive potential of manmade environments..." read more here. The other two artists are: Massimo Listri, from Italy and Michael Massaia from NY. 



Portfolio feature at the Photomonitor UK

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Massive thank you to the Photomonitor UK for featuring the Within Series in the March portfolio. There is a comprehensive statement about the project alongside 21 images of artworks, details and installation shots from my last solo show at Galeria Bolsa de Arte in Brazil. Do visit when you get a minute. 


Gursky & Lichtenberg at the Centre Pompidou IRCAM 15.16

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I am absolutely delighted to have received the Centre Pompidou - IRCAM Saison 2015 / 2016 official catalogue on the post. The large envelop arrived this morning and was full of surprises: official invite, posters, press material... but the most exciting of them all was the catalogue featuring Andreas Gursky and my work / biographies side by side. Thanks for everyone involved at the IRCAM and Centre Pompidou for such an amazing treat. 


Licht Series at the Centre Pompidou in Paris

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Fantastic news from Paris! One of my artworks: “Through”,  from the Licht Series, 2010 has been chosen to represent the IRCAM (Saison 2015 - 16) at the Centre George Pompidou. The image is being used to illustrate massive posters, post cards, invitations and adds in the cultural press. Previous artworks selected include artists such as: Ulf Langheinrich (Saison 2014 - 15), Robert Henke (Manifeste 2014), Jim Campbell (2013), Alain Bublex (2010) and Anish Kapoor (2008). Below is the poster layout.


SP-Arte / Foto 2015

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I’m very happy to confirm that NY, Sixth Avenue South, from the Within Series will be exhibited at the SP-Arte / Foto 2015 with Galeria Bolsa de Arte. The large scale artwork (see below) is a contact print made from a digital negative created by hundreds of photographs of architectural details. The art event will be open to the public (free entry) from August 19th to 23rd in Sao Paulo, Brazil


Solo Exhibition at Galeria Bolsa de Arte, Brazil

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After 3 years of researching and developing the very complex large scale digital negatives of Within Series, the project will finally be exhibited as a solo show at the Galeria Bolsa de Arte in Brazil. The project, photographed in London, New York, Sao Paulo and Paris has focussed on the rich architecture and heritage of big cities which are going through massive redevelopment and regeneration. Within Series has been supported by the Arts Council England. Below are a few installation images from the exhibition.. 


May latest news...

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May has been a busy and exciting month at the studio. Apart from exhibiting in a couple of events at the AOH Festival in Brighton and getting my work in new private collections in London and Dubai, I was working non stop in the final images for my upcoming show at Galeria Bolsa de Arte in POA. The gallery massive building with a stunning minimalistic architecture offers an amazing venue to showcase the large scale cityscapes. This will be my first solo show in South America and I feel very privileged to be able to show my work in those walls. Below is the gallery (as a white canvas) before the work being installed. More news coming soon...

Studio 106 - 10 years anniversary

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10 years anniversary of STUDIO 106, the residential back street ex-factory in Hove that housed big talents such as Antony Micallef and Henrik Simonsen. The PV is Friday 1st May from 6pm. The studio will then be open to the public every weekend of the Brighton May Festival. I'll be showing a small retrospective of pieces from the last 10 years of working from the studio, including some large scale pieces from my Within Series II

Opening hours:  Sat & Sun  11am - 5pm
Private View:  Fri 1st May  6 - 9pm
106, Coleridge Street
First floor studios
Hove   BN3 5AA

Time & Place at the LCCA gallery in Central London

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Please join me for a drink at the PV of Time and Place, Thu 16th of April - from 6pm in London W1 - The exhibition displays the latest work of artist duo Brian & Gareth McClave (digital slow-scans photographs) and my Within Series II  (very large scale digital negatives of London & Paris) a project that have been supported by the Arts Council England. 

"After the success of the exhibition in Southampton, Time and Place is coming to the heart of Central London at the LCCA gallery in Soho"

Further reading: the show is also reviewed here

LCCA Gallery

Sheraton House
15 - 19 Great Chapel Street
London, W1F 8FN

Exhibition dates:  16th - 30th April 2015
Private View:  Thu 16th April 6 - 9pm
Opening times:  Mon / Fri:  1 - 2pm and 5 -8pm 


Time and Place exhibition - now open

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"Time and Place" - Now open at Solent Showcase Gallery in Southampton, till 21st March. Below is a couple of installation images of the exhibition. This is a intriguing exhibition that celebrates large scale contemporary landscape photography by two artists working in projects with a similar concept but using very different techniques. Brothers Brian / Gareth McClave (above image) developed a digital slow-scan technology that converts time-lapse footages into stunning prints, while André Lichtenberg (below image) photographs the details of cities and architecture from aerial perspectives and reconstructs them in his studio, using a digital and manual process that blends drawing and photography. The image at the very bottom is "City of London with Fog" - Within Series II, which measures aprox: 250 x 150 cm and has been printed straight onto aluminium. Many thanks for the Arts Council England for kindly supporting the project. 


EDGEcondition Vol 5

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EDGEcondition vol 5 is out now. To read it click it HERE - I'm honoured that they asked for one of my images - Victoria I, from the Within Series II - to illustrate the front cover. EDGEcondition is bi-monthly online architecture magazine with excellent essays by expert contributors from all over the World. This issue is about "Placemaking" - check it out!



Time and Place - New exhibition

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"Solent Showcase Gallery is delighted to be showing the work of André Lichtenberg & Brian McClave - two innovative artists who use photography and computer technology to reveal new truths, ‘to extend what we normally see’. These incredibly beautiful images – both artists create large scale artworks – are the result of painstaking and detailed work and the application of two sets of ideas that come together under the title Time and Place."  From Feb 13th to March 21st.

Sir James Matthews Building, 
SO14 7NN
Monday / Friday:  11 - 6pm, 
Saturday:  11 - 5pm


Best wishes for 2015

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Wishing you all a Happy Holidays and the very best for 2015. Many thanks to all of you who help support another year of creative projects here at the studio. 2014 has been a good year with many victories, including: new large scale artworks created in London, New York and Sao Paulo; the Within Series selected for the Aesthetica Arts Prize; a new grant from the Arts Council England and several images exhibited in shows in Dubai, Brazil and UK.
2015 is already looking busy with a two artists show opening in February at the Solent Gallery, Southampton, and a solo show in June at Galeria Bolsa de Arte, Brazil. The image below is from a book project I am currently deveoping. More news coming soon... 


Xmas Show at Studio 106 - Within Series

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Following the recent trips to NY and Sao Paulo where new cityscapes were created. I'll be showing the latest developments in the Within Series at the Studio 106. There will be a short film, some large scale images printed directed onto metal and some C-type prints mounted onto aluminium. This project has the support of the Arts Council England. Do come and visit if you have the chance. The Studio will be opened to the public for two weekends: Sat 29th / Sun 30th Nov - Sat 6th / Sun 7th - from 11am to 5pm.


The Shot I Never Forgot

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Brighton Photo Fringe is currently happening alongside the Brighton Photo Biennial 2014. The city is vibrant and full of exhibitions. I am, however, in NY working on my new project and missing all of the fun. But I am pleased to say that my work is present in a couple of events. London with fog, from the Within series was projected at the opening party film and an image from the Full Moon series is being exhibited in a group show curated by John House, called: the Shot I Never Forgot - from 4th Oct to 2 Nov - Vantage Point - 4th floor - Brighton. 


ARTS COUNCIL ENGLAND - Grant for the arts

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I'm very happy to announce that my current project, Within series III, has been offered an arts grant by the ARTS COUNCIL ENGLAND. This stage of the project involves creating new very large scale cityscapes in NYC and London. More news coming soon...

Below is a very small detail of a new large cityscape of London which will measure well over 2 meters wide. 


SP-arte/foto 2014

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I'm very happy to hear that a couple of my recent projects, Licht and Within series, will be exhibited at SP-Arte /Foto 2014 by Galeria Bolsa de Arte. The art fair was founded in 2007 by Fernanda Feitosa and is considered one of the most important events in contemporary photography in Latinamerica today. SP-Arte/Foto will be open from the 20th to 24ht Aug. in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Below are some installation images of the SP-arte/foto - courtesy of Galeria Bolsa De Arte.



HEIST launch exhibition in London

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I'm delighted to announce that I'm one of the artists exhibiting at the launch of HEIST. 
So, my latest work, the Within series II (supported by the Arts Council England), that has been exhibited recently in Brazil and Dubai, will be seen for the first time in London. 
This is an great opportunity to see the large scale work in their actual size. London, Victoria I (see below), at the show, measures: 227 x 140 cm (in a process that uses no image enlargement). The Licht series will also be at the show.
If you are in London, try to visit HEIST stunning new HQ in Notting Hill, and see the impressive art collection they have curated. 

HEIST launch on June 12th.


7th Photography Masters Cup

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Good News from sunny California! White Hut, from the Licht series, 2010 - has been nominated for the Fine Art category of the 7th Photography Masters Cup, also known as the International Color Awards, in USA


Bolsa de Arte new gallery in Sao Paulo

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Galeria Bolsa de Arte has a new HQ in Sao Paulo. The new gallery officially opened on the 5th of April with the show "A Invençao do Horizonte" curated by Caue Alves. The new exhibition also coincided with SP-Arte - April 3rd to the 6th - where the gallery is also showing. Sao Paulo art scene is buzzing in April and I am happy to have several images from two series (Licht from 2010 and Within from 2013/14) curated for both events. Galeria Bolsa de Arte new address is: Mourato Coelho, 790 - V. Madalena - Sao Paulo - 05417-012 - Brazil. 


Aesthetica Art Prize Exhibition

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The Aesthetica Art Prize Exhibition is open to the public (free admission) from the 4 April - 22 June, at the York St. Mary gallery. The event has been supported by the York Museums Trust and shows the work of the winners & long listed artists selected for this year's Aesthetica Art Prize. The P.V. also launches the Art Prize 2014 Anthology book, which showcase the 100 selected artists among over 3000 entries. There will be several lunch time art talks & debates at the gallery, for further info please refer to the Aesthetica exhibition website.  I am proud to be part of the event and book with "London, Fenchurch I",  from the Within series. Below is the cover of the book.